League Results






12-09-201812:00Barracudas7 - 3The Tower
12-09-201812:00The pub2 - 8Daley's Old Boys
12-09-201812:00First and Last4 - 6Daley's A team
12-09-201812:00Faulty Towers6 - 4Hardford Inpatients
19-09-201812:00Chix with Stix7 - 3Faulty Towers
19-09-201812:00Derailers9 - 1First and Last
19-09-201812:00The Tower5 - 5The pub
19-09-201812:00Daley's Old Boys3 - 7Barracudas
26-09-201812:00Hardford Inpatients4 - 6Chix with Stix
26-09-201812:00Daley's A team4 - 6Derailers
26-09-201812:00The pub6 - 4Barracudas
26-09-201812:00The Tower7 - 3Daley's Old Boys
03-10-201820:00Daley's Old Boys8 - 2Gillespies
03-10-201820:00First and Last6 - 4Daley's A team
03-10-201820:00Chix with Stix1 - 9Derailers
03-10-201820:00Barracudas6 - 4Faulty Towers
03-10-201820:00The Tower9 - 1The pub
10-10-201812:00Hardford Inpatients4 - 6Daley's Old Boys
10-10-201812:00Daley's A team5 - 5Barracudas
10-10-201820:00Derailers6 - 4First and Last
10-10-201820:00Gillespies3 - 7The Tower
10-10-201820:00Faulty Towers3 - 7Chix with Stix
17-10-201820:00Barracudas8 - 2Gillespies
17-10-201820:00The Tower5 - 5Derailers
17-10-201820:00Daley's A team7 - 3Faulty Towers
17-10-201820:00The pub6 - 4Hardford Inpatients
17-10-201820:00Chix with Stix4 - 6Daley's Old Boys
24-10-201820:00Hardford Inpatients2 - 8The Tower
24-10-201820:00Faulty Towers3 - 7First and Last
24-10-201820:00Gillespies5 - 5Chix with Stix
24-10-201820:00Derailers7 - 3Daley's A team
24-10-201820:00Daley's Old Boys7 - 3The pub
30-10-201820:00Daley's A team3 - 7The pub
30-10-201820:00Derailers2 - 6Barracudas
31-10-201820:00The Tower6 - 3Chix with Stix
31-10-201820:00Daley's Old Boys6 - 3Faulty Towers
07-11-201820:00Daley's A team7 - 3Daley's Old Boys
07-11-201820:00First and Last7 - 3Gillespies
07-11-201820:00The Tower4 - 6Faulty Towers
07-11-201820:00The pub2 - 8Derailers
07-11-201820:00Barracudas9 - 1Hardford Inpatients
14-11-201820:00Gillespies2 - 8Faulty Towers
14-11-201820:00Chix with Stix5 - 5The pub
14-11-201820:00Hardford Inpatients1 - 9First and Last
14-11-201820:00Daley's Old Boys4 - 6Barracudas
14-11-201820:00The Tower6 - 4Daley's A team
28-11-201820:00First and Last7 - 3Chix with Stix
28-11-201820:00Faulty Towers7 - 3Hardford Inpatients
28-11-201820:00Daley's Old Boys3 - 7The Tower
28-11-201820:00Barracudas7 - 3The pub
28-11-201820:00Derailers9 - 1Gillespies
05-12-201820:00Barracudas4 - 6The Tower
05-12-201820:00Faulty Towers6 - 4Daley's Old Boys
05-12-201820:00The pub9 - 1First and Last
05-12-201820:00Derailers9 - 1Hardford Inpatients
05-12-201820:00Daley's A team8 - 2Chix with Stix
12-12-201820:00Faulty Towers3 - 7Derailers
12-12-201820:00First and Last4 - 6Barracudas
12-12-201820:00Chix with Stix2 - 8The Tower
12-12-201820:00The pub3 - 7Daley's A team
12-12-201820:00Hardford Inpatients8 - 2Gillespies
19-12-201820:00The pub2 - 6Daley's Old Boys
27-12-201812:00Barracudas2 - 6The Tower
09-01-201920:00Barracudas4 - 6Derailers
09-01-201920:00Faulty Towers1 - 9The pub
09-01-201920:00First and Last3 - 7Daley's Old Boys
09-01-201920:00Chix with Stix7 - 3Hardford Inpatients
09-01-201920:00Daley's A team9 - 1Gillespies
23-01-201920:00Gillespies2 - 6The pub
23-01-201920:00Daley's A team8 - 2Hardford Inpatients
23-01-201920:00Barracudas9 - 1Chix with Stix
23-01-201920:00The Tower3 - 7First and Last
23-01-201920:00Derailers6 - 4Daley's Old Boys
30-01-201920:00The pub4 - 6The Tower
30-01-201920:00Derailers6 - 4Chix with Stix
30-01-201920:00Gillespies2 - 8Daley's Old Boys
30-01-201920:00Daley's A team6 - 4First and Last
30-01-201920:00Faulty Towers3 - 7Barracudas
06-02-201912:00Faulty Towers3 - 6Barracudas
06-02-201912:00Daley's A team3 - 6Daley's Old Boys
06-02-201912:00First and Last6 - 0Chix with Stix
06-02-201912:00Hardford Inpatients1 - 6The Tower
13-02-201920:00Barracudas4 - 6Daley's A team
13-02-201920:00The Tower7 - 3Gillespies
13-02-201920:00Chix with Stix4 - 6Faulty Towers
13-02-201920:00Daley's Old Boys8 - 2Hardford Inpatients
13-02-201920:00First and Last2 - 8Derailers
20-02-201920:00Hardford Inpatients5 - 5The pub
20-02-201920:00Faulty Towers3 - 7Daley's A team
20-02-201920:00Gillespies3 - 7Barracudas
20-02-201920:00Derailers8 - 2The Tower
20-02-201920:00Daley's Old Boys7 - 3Chix with Stix
26-02-201912:00Daley's Old Boys1 - 6The Tower
26-02-201912:00Barracudas6 - 4First and Last
27-02-201912:00Daley's A team6 - 5Chix with Stix
27-02-201912:00Faulty Towers6 - 4Hardford Inpatients
06-03-201920:00The Tower7 - 3Hardford Inpatients
06-03-201920:00First and Last7 - 3Faulty Towers
06-03-201920:00Chix with Stix7 - 3Gillespies
06-03-201920:00Daley's A team2 - 8Derailers
06-03-201920:00The pub5 - 5Daley's Old Boys
13-03-201912:00The Tower6 - 5Barracudas
20-03-201920:00Gillespies3 - 7First and Last
20-03-201920:00Daley's Old Boys2 - 8Daley's A team
20-03-201920:00Derailers7 - 3The pub
20-03-201920:00Hardford Inpatients2 - 8Barracudas
20-03-201920:00Faulty Towers5 - 5The Tower
28-03-201912:00Faulty Towers6 - 5Daley's A team
03-04-201920:00Faulty Towers7 - 3Gillespies
03-04-201920:00Daley's A team6 - 4The Tower
03-04-201920:00Barracudas6 - 3Daley's Old Boys
03-04-201920:00First and Last6 - 4Hardford Inpatients
03-04-201920:00The pub4 - 6Chix with Stix
10-04-201920:00Chix with Stix5 - 5First and Last
10-04-201920:00Hardford Inpatients3 - 7Faulty Towers
10-04-201920:00Gillespies3 - 7Derailers
10-04-201920:00The Tower7 - 3Daley's Old Boys
10-04-201920:00The pub4 - 6Barracudas
17-04-201920:00Hardford Inpatients0 - 10Derailers
17-04-201920:00Chix with Stix3 - 7Daley's A team
17-04-201920:00First and Last9 - 1The pub
17-04-201920:00The Tower4 - 6Barracudas
17-04-201920:00Daley's Old Boys6 - 4Faulty Towers
24-04-201920:00The Tower9 - 1Chix with Stix
24-04-201920:00Daley's A team8 - 2The pub
24-04-201920:00Derailers8 - 2Faulty Towers
24-04-201920:00Gillespies3 - 7Hardford Inpatients
24-04-201920:00Barracudas8 - 2First and Last
01-05-201920:00Hardford Inpatients4 - 6Chix with Stix
01-05-201920:00Daley's Old Boys5 - 5First and Last
01-05-201920:00The pub6 - 4Faulty Towers
01-05-201920:00Derailers4 - 6Barracudas
01-05-201920:00Gillespies3 - 7Daley's A team
08-05-201920:00The pub7 - 3Gillespies
08-05-201920:00Chix with Stix3 - 7Barracudas
08-05-201920:00First and Last7 - 3The Tower
08-05-201920:00Daley's Old Boys9 - 1Derailers
08-05-201920:00Hardford Inpatients2 - 8Daley's A team